Helical Piers

Foundation Repair - Helical Piers Bix Basement Systems offers helical piers for home owners with sinking foundations. We will install helical piers in Peoria, IL, Bloomington, IL, Quincy, IL, Fort Madison, IA, Hannibal, MO, and in other surrounding areas in IL, IA , and MO. Our helical piers are made of high-quality, durable steel materials and will be able to gently raise your home’s foundation back to where it needs to be.

What It Does:

The helical piers we install for foundation settlement problems are made of steel and feature helical blades to help the pier dig through the soil around your home so it can reach deep, load-bearing strata.

These piers are very advanced and are easily able to push deep into the soil using small construction equipment or hand equipment. This means that your home’s yard and landscaping won’t need to be destroyed by heavy equipment for the installation. The helical piers will be pushed to appropriate depths and capacities and will prevent any additional sinking.

Sinking Foundation Technical Features:

  • Year-Round Installation
  • Steel construction materials are corrosion resistant
  • Can be used for heavy or light loads
  • Round shaft will not bend when being pushed into the soil
  • Lifts the foundation back to where it should be

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Foundation Settlement Repair

Foundation settlement is a serious structural problem, but we are here to help. We have helped thousands of homeowners with their sinking foundation problem, and we look forward to working with you next. We realize how scary it can be to have a foundation which is actually sinking deeper and deeper into the earth! We understand that you probably don’t know what to do or who to turn to for assistance. However, rest assured knowing that our experts will be able to take care of the problem quickly, and we will even clean up the work area after we are finished with the project.

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