Sagging Crawl Space Repair

Crawlspace Bix Basement Systems provides repairs and services to fix sagging crawl space problems for home owners living in Peoria, IL, Bloomington, IL, Quincy, IL, Fort Madison, IA, and Hannibal, MO. Our certified company can provide you with the repair services you need to take care of this structural problem once and for all. A lot of homeowners know they have a problem with their crawl space. Perhaps the crawl space is leaky, has mold growing in it, or is really humid. However, a lot of homeowners choose to not say anything and think that the problem really isn’t that serious. However, you need to take care of any kind of crawl space problem your home has. Taking care of a problem early on will prevent you from having to pay a lot of money on repair work in the future.

Sagging crawl space problems are caused primarily from the following:

  • Support posts which are placed too far apart
  • Rotten or decaying floor joists and supports
  • Column settlement and sinking

Support Posts With regards to sagging crawl space repair, Bix Basement Systems can provide you with crawl space supports which will help to provide this area underneath your home with the stability it needs to support the weight of your home. Additional crawl space supports may need to be installed to ensure that your structure is properly stabilized and will be able to prevent a sagging crawl space problem from developing again. Any mold, moisture, or humidity problems will need to be addressed before the support jacks are installed. To take care of crawl space mold and humidity, we can install crawl space vapor barriers, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, drainage matting, drains, and much more. We guarantee that we will have your crawl space safe, dry, healthy, and stabilized with our wide assortment of products.

When you have inadequate crawl space supports, or supports which are placed too far apart, it can cause you to have a sagging crawl space. This doesn’t just look bad, but it can also cause serious structural integrity problems. Our crawl space supports can be installed quickly and are a permanent solution to this annoying problem.

Repair Method

Bix Basement Systems can install the SmartJack™ system to take care of a sagging crawl space problems for home owners in Peoria, Bloomington, Quincy, Fort Madison, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Hannibal, Iowa City, and other surrounding towns throughout IL, IA, and MO. We have a team of trained professionals who know the proper way to install this crawl space repair system so that your home will no longer have to face the damages caused from a crawl space problem.

Installing the SmartJack™ is a quick process that will not cause problems for your yard or any existing landscaping. The installation process includes the following:

Pier installation

1. Preparing For Installation

Before the installation, we will meet with you and take a comprehensive look at your home’s foundation to make sure that our crawl space repair system will take care of all your structural problems once and for all. We will also figure out where to place each of the crawl space support jacks. A small hole will be excavated for each of the supports.

Pier installation

2. Placing the Pre-Cast Footing

A pre-cast concrete base will be placed on top of the fill material and will be carefully leveled. The footing will serve as a stable, strong base for the steel jack post. This base will keep the post vertical, helping to distribute weight bearing on the post across the entire area of soil.

Pier installation

3. Cutting the Jack Posts to Length

Once new bases have been installed, measurements are made for the steel crawl space jack posts, and then the posts will be cut to the appropriate lengths.

Pier installation

4. Assembling & Tightening

Each crawl space jack post is put together inside your crawl space. The top of the crawl space jack is attached to the girder, and the installation is carefully plumbed. Each of the crawl space supports will be tightened to help lift your sagging floor back to where it needs to be.

5. Encapsulating The Crawl Space

We will then encapsulate the crawl space to protect against any moisture damage, or excessive humidity levels which could foster the development of dangerous mold and bacteria. An encapsulated crawl space will also help to keep unwanted critters out of this area underneath your home.

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