Foundation Crack Repair

Bix Basement Systems provides efficient solutions to repair floor cracks for home owners in Peoria, IL, Bloomington, IL, Quincy, IL, Fort Madison, IA, Hannibal, MO, and surrounding areas. Floor cracks can be caused from a sinking, sagging, and settling foundation. If you have walls or floors which are cracking or separating from one another or the ceiling above, this is a good indication that you have a sinking foundation problem which will need to be addressed.

Warning signs of a foundation settlement problem:

  • Concrete floor cracks
  • Floors separating from the walls
  • Interior walls separating from the ceiling
  • Walls pulling away from walls connected to them
  • Interior wall cracks

Wall Crack Repair

Sinking Foundation Our experts provide various solutions to wall cracks and foundation problems for homeowners. We have been working in the foundation repair business for over 60 years now, so you can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands with us!

Below are some of the common warning signs which may indicate that you have wall cracks:

  • Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal wall cracks
  • Stair-step wall cracks
  • Bulging or bowed foundation walls
  • Foundation walls which are pushing in at the top or bottom

Wall Crack When it comes to wall crack repair, there are different solutions we offer based on what kind of crack has developed. Concrete will cure as it dries, and this can cause very small wall cracks to form. These are normal, and you shouldn’t be too concerned with these. However, if you have wall cracks which are caused from foundation settlement, a sinking foundation, or having a home built in expansive soils, you may need a repair. We offer wall anchors, foundation piers, and more. We will be sure that we take care of the initial cause of the problem as well as the damage which it caused. We will inspect your foundation for no charge, and then recommend a plan of action to take care of your wall cracks. When you have foundation wall cracks, it’s not uncommon to have doors and windows which won’t close properly, cracks along door and window frames, and a noticeable sinking problem with your foundation. This is due to the fact that a lot of wall cracks are caused from foundation settlement.

Types Of Foundation Wall Cracks

There are many different types of foundation wall cracks which your IL, IA, or MO home could be having problems with. However, regardless of what kind of foundation wall crack you have, or what caused it, we guarantee that our trained and certified foundation repair experts will be able to take care of the problem.

Most foundation wall cracks are typically caused by the following:

  • Curing Concrete
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Expansive Soils

Wall Cracks Solutions

We offer wall crack solutions for taking care of foundation cracks of all shapes and sizes for your home in IL, IA or MO. Regardless of what has triggered the development of the wall cracks, we can provide you with a repair solution the problem. We can install foundation piers, such as helical piers and push piers, which will be able to take care of your foundation settlement problem thus fixing your wall cracks.

Our foundation piers provide a permanent solution to an annoying structural problem. Our push piers will be able to stabilize your foundation by shifting the weight of your home to stable, load-bearing strata deep in the soil beneath your home. Our helical piers will also be able to help with your sinking foundation problem by stabilizing your foundation. Our trained foundation professionals have extensive knowledge of the soils in your area, and they know how deep to push the foundation piers so that they’ll be effective.

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement won’t just cause your home’s foundation to actually sink into the earth, but it will also lead to the development of wall cracks on the inside and outside of your home. There are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and stair-step wall cracks. Fortunately, the trained and certified foundation repair professionals at Bix Basement Systems will be able to take care of the sinking foundation problem quickly, and for a great price. Our foundation piers have been proven to be effective at taking care of all kind of foundation settlement problems.

Regardless of what has caused your wall cracks, we can provide you with professional foundation wall crack repair services. We have many specialized wall crack repair techniques which will be able to take care of any variety of wall crack which is developing on your home.

We’d like to provide you and your family with a free, no obligation foundation wall repair quote to help you decide what repair solution is best for your home. Each of our free quotes comes at no obligation and includes an on-site inspection, as well as a written estimate.

Foundation Heave Problems

We provide professional services for foundation heave problems for home owners as well. Let us provide you with the foundation repair you need to get your home’s structural integrity back. We understand that a lot of homeowners might not know what foundation heaving is. Foundation heaving is when your foundation or concrete slab floor moves upward. This movement can lead to the development of wall cracks, and even cracks in your home’s flooring. This may seem like a serious foundation problem which will take a lot of time and money to fix, but our foundation repair experts will be able to take care of the problem quickly and at an affordable rate!

Foundation heave problems and warning signs:

  • Cracks on the interior walls of your home
  • Cracks on the exterior walls of your home (rare)
  • Cracks on your concrete floor slabs
  • Uneven concrete floor slabs

Foundation Heave Repair

Wall Crack Since this problem can be caused from a variety of conditions, there are many ways to go about taking care of foundation heave repair. Some solutions may include taking care of plumbing leaks underneath your foundation, or you may need to have certain sections of concrete slabs repaired or replaced. Regardless of what kind of repair work is needed, we guarantee that Bix Basement Systems will be able to help! We have been taking are of foundation repair work for over 60 years now in the area, and we know you’ll be pleased with our certified foundation repairmen’s work. Foundation heaving can lift up an entire section of a slab, and it can cause damage to nearby slabs in the process. This can cause a lot of damage over time, so it’s recommended that you get in touch with us as soon as you can!

What Causes Foundation Heaving?

We get a lot of phone calls from concerned homeowners who want to know,”What causes foundation heaving?” Please take a look at the list below to see the common causes of this structural problem:

  • Expansive soils
  • Frost heave
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Prolonged or heavy precipitation

Foundation Settlement

Floor Crack When you have floor cracks, it’s often caused from foundation settlement. Damage caused from foundation settlement can make itself known in a variety of ways. You could have wall cracks, floor cracks, or problems with your home’s windows and doors. When you have a foundation settlement problem, the floors could actually separate themselves from the walls of your home. This can look very scary and you might be worried that the repair work will cost too much for you to be able to handle. However, rest assured knowing that our foundation repair professionals will work with you and your spending budget to get the problem taken care of. To take care of foundation settlement, we can install helical piers and push pier systems. These foundation piers will be able to push your foundation back up to where it needs to be.

What Causes Floor Cracks?

We get a lot of phone calls from homeowners who want to know,”What causes floor cracks?” Floor cracks are typically caused from foundation settlement. When you have a sinking foundation, it puts a lot of pressure on all 4 walls, or just on 1 or 2 walls. Regardless of how many walls are damaged at your home, we can provide you with sinking foundation repair services which will take care of the initial cause of the floor crack problem and any damage which resulted.

Floor Cracks Solutions

We provide a wide selection of foundation solutions for home owners in Peoria, Bloomington, Quincy, Fort Madison, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Hannibal, and Iowa City with rising and deteriorating floor cracks. When it comes to floor cracks solutions, Bix Basement Systems has you covered! We offer a slab pier system which will be able to stabilize your concrete slab floor. We offer repair services which will be able to lift non-load bearing partition walls which may have settled along with the concrete slab.

The following is the installation process for the slab pier system:

Slab repair

1. Preparing For Installation

At the start of each slab pier installation, a little hole is drilled through your concrete slab floor. This hole will create an access point for the slab piers which are going to be installed.

Slab repair

2. Position Slab Bracket

To give the slab pier something to raise, a slab bracket is positioned beneath the concrete slab. The slab pier system makes use of a three-piece slab bracket which is put together below your basement floor.

Slab repair

3. Install Steel Tubes

Steel tubes are hydraulically driven down through the bracket to the stable soils below. These steel tubes are the real strength of the foundation repair system, and they are responsible for shifting the home weight to the load-bearing soil.

Slab repair

4. Transfer Slab Weight To Soil

The weight of the concrete slab is moved through the piers to the load-bearing strata underneath your home. As the system raises your concrete slab floor upwards, the foundation settlement will be taken care of once and for all.

Slab repair

5. The Cleanup

We will be sure to clean up the area thoroughly so your home looks as great as it did when we first showed up.

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