The SmartPipe™ Crawl Space Drain

Smartpipe Crawl Space Drain Bix Basement Systems provides a wide selection of drain system products for home owners in Peoria, IL, Bloomington, IL, Quincy, IL, Fort Madison, IA, and Hannibal, MO including the SmartPipe™ crawl space drain. The SmartPipe™ is unlike all other drains of its variety. This drain was specially-designed to fit into virtually any kind of crawl space environment you may have underneath your home. Homeowners need to realize that there could be leaks in their crawl space that they might not even be aware of. This is very different from a basement leak which will typically get noticed very quickly.

Most homeowners spend some amount of time, even if it’s very little, in their basement, and they will notice the leaks or the damage caused from the moisture. However, homeowners often never have a reason to go into their crawl space, and because of this, leaks often go unnoticed for months at a time – while the damage continues to get worse and worse.

Wet Crawl Space

Drain A wet crawl space is not something that you want to deal with. It can lead to the development of dangerous mold and bacteria, not to mention the fact that it’s likely going to cause damage to your flooring, and any other wooden surfaces in this area underneath your home. The SmartPipe™ crawl space drain will be able to take care of your leaky crawl space, or prevent it from leaking ever again when it’s combined with a crawl space vapor barrier and a sump pump. We have affordable vapor barriers and crawl space sump pumps which will fit into your budget and will last for many years at a time.

This drain features holes at the top to accept water from the soil surrounding your crawl space. A specially-designed wall flange will collect the water from your crawl space walls as well as around the footing and wall joint. It will then send the water to a sump pump where it will be pushed far away from your home where it won’t cause any problems.

Crawl Space Drain Installation

Crawl space drain installation doesn’t take much time at all when you work with the professionals from Bix Basement Systems. We have many years of experience installing these advanced crawl space drains. During the time of your drain installation, we will have another crew who will be taking care of your vapor barrier and sump pump installation. An encapsulated crawl space is a safe and healthy crawl space!

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