Drainage Matting

Drainage Matting Bix Basement Systems offers crawl space drainage matting for home owners needing crawl space waterproofing. We can provide expert installation of the drainage matting for customers in Peoria, IL, Bloomington, IL, Quincy, IL, Fort Madison, IA, and Hannibal, MO looking for the perfect solution to crawl space and basement waterproofing problems. Drainage matting can be connected to a perimeter drain that will direct water away from the flooring. This drain system can be installed in conjunction with crawl space liners and other waterproofing systems. Your crawl space liner will be installed directly to the crawl space floor. If there’s a flood in this area underneath your home, the water will be trapped underneath the liner. However, with our crawl space drainage matting in place, the water will be directed via channels underneath the liner to a drain system and a sump pump which will pump the water out and away from your home.


Crawl Space Drainage Installation

Moisture Barrier Bix Basement Systems offers crawl space drainage installation in addition to drainage matting installation. It doesn’t take much time at all for the two to be installed along with a sump pump and liner. Typically, total installation time will take less than one day. One day to have a dry, safe, healthy crawl space? It’s definitely worth it!

If you’re wanting to waterproof your crawl space, then Bix Basement Systems is here to help. A crawl space vapor barrier, along with a drain system, drainage matting, and a sump pump are all superb at keeping unwanted moisture out of this valuable area underneath your home. What a lot of homeowners don’t realize is the fact that what happens in your crawl space actually has an effect on the health of the rest of your home. A wet, leaky, moldy crawl space can cause you to have poor indoor air quality, and this can cause a variety of health problems for you, your loved ones, and even your pets!

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