Crawl Space Doors & Access Wells

Crawl Space Well Bix Basement Systems provides reliable and sturdy crawl space access wells for home owners in Peoria, IL, Bloomington, IL, Quincy, IL, Fort Madison, IA, Hannibal, MO, and surrounding areas. At Bix Basement Systems we realize that most crawl space access wells are often not designed to appealing. Typical open access wells are made from concrete, wood or metal. Eventually, they can fill with debris and clog with rocks, leaves, twigs and pine cones. Also, if you have a wooden access well, it’s inevitable that it will rot, and a metal access well will eventually rust. Bix Basement Systems has a wide variety of maintenance free crawl space access wells which will never leak, rust, corrode or fill with debris.


Covered Crawl Space Entry Wells

Crawl Space Well Bix Basement Systems offers covered crawl space entry wells manufactured from durable, heavy-gauge plastic. Our access wells can also be used in combination with our encapsulation and drainage systems. A securely covered entry well provides an airtight, leak-proof barrier from the elements. These covered crawl space entry wells are specially-designed to replace older wooden, concrete or metal access wells, more than likely installed during the construction of your home. Our covered entry wells are not only practical but pleasing to the eye and come in a variety of colors to best match your home’s exterior. We’re confident we have the right look for your home.


  • Durable and rot resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Features a locking device
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Customizable


Crawl Space Door Installation

Crawl Space Well Bix Basement Systems crew of crawl space door installation experts will have your old door off and a new one installed in one hour or less. Old crawl space doors can cause a lot of problems for both your crawl space and for the rest of your home. These older doors eventually begin to show their age and can also allow unwanted creepy critters into your home. Also, old crawl space doors are not airtight or waterproof so they allow excessive amounts of humidity into your home during the summer months and frigid cold air during the winter.

Our new crawl space doors are economical and made from a solid plastic material which will never need painting and are easy to maintain. And they feature sturdy knobs for easy access into the crawl space for service people who may need to work on utilities underneath your home.

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